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Dz09 mtk60d

Here is another article for the fans of DZ09, this topic is for those who want to ugrade the firmware of their DZ This article tackles the steps and requirements for updating the firmware of the DZ09 smartwatch.

Caution : Before flashing the firmware on your DZ09 smartwatcha thorough knowledge on the process of flashing your firmware is a must. Here at smartwatchspecificatons. Backing up your smartwatch will save you from a potential headache when something goes wrong in the process of updating your device. There is a possibility of bricking your device when updating, but it is avoidable if you are well informed in the step by step process of updating a certain device.

Incompatible firmware or incomplete firmware, problem with flash tool and among others. So flash at your own risk, we will not be held responsible if something goes wrong with your device.

Note: Backup first before updating!! Jo Di Calivo -Blogger, Tech wearable expert, web designer and programmer. Focusing on providing the latest news and reviews of the wearables in the market today.

Related to Jo Di Calivo. Related Stories. Oppo Watch - Apple Watch Contender? Oppo Watch.The Other Tutorials didn't work Didn't realize i had Flashed a couple firmwares. Some are pretty Cool!. I dont know what version I have. Please help me. I have tried all the firmwares but some are not working, some at different languages and some don't support touch.

Then you also have mtk or mtka. Both are not original are are somehow same. Try all roms one by one from the given folder. Hope someone will work. Brother, Please Help me, I did the configuration but now my touch is invert do you know about this?

Thank you. S: Download the whole folder if you found a folder empty. Bro in my firmware sound is not working it shows that I was connected headphones.

DZ09 Smart Watch Phone Firmware Pack

Plz help me Plz plz plz plz I just tried them all and only 2 of thems worked but I would like to know if there is any firmware on your collection with GT08 style. Here you go. All of firmwares available around the internet. Someone has this software thanks.

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I try a lot of firmware but it doesn't work. I have flashed about every DZ09 Firmware that has been posted. I tried to make a backup of the Firmware before flashing but somehow it didn't save. And now though The device looks normal, the Digitizer is inverted. Every button is though labeled properly but to press "Back" or any other button i press the opposite side of the screen to get it to work. Can anyone share any light on this? It seems to be a Touch Screen Driver issue I like the watch but like a moron I had to see if I could update the freaking Firmware and I'm stuck with an inverted Digitizer now.

Any help would be appreciated Edit: I'm wondering if someone who might have a backup to share. I would be ecstatic if I could find one.

The backup will not work. I had tried all backups. The given link above contains alot of firmware. A few of them might work on your device. Someone has this software thanks.? Hi I have a problem, i installed a firmware and now my dz09 shows a different color at bottom and touch not working. Only issue i am having is that i cant find connectivity.If you're looking to update firmware on DZ09, then you can download the DZ09 Custom firmware from below and follow the instructions to install it on your DZ09 smartwatch.

DZ09 Watch Faces Collection

So, download and install the firmware on your watch and enjoy the new look and feel on your watch. If you're looking for a cheap Smartwatch which runs on the full version of Android, then Tenfifteen QW09 might interest you. Before you proceed to download DZ09 custom firmware let us warn you that not all firmware files are compatible with your watch.

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Flash the DZ09 firmware provided on this page at your own risk nor the author and Gizmo Advices are responsible for any damage to your device. You're the one who is responsible for your device. All the above Custom Firmware for DZ09 can be installed by following the steps listed in this tutorial.

If you are facing any issues while installing the firmware on DZ09 then you should have a look at this guide on fixing common SP Flash tool errors. We have a complete tutorial on how to backup DZ09 you can check out this link.

DZ09 runs on custom firmware and you can download different versions of DZ09 firmware from the downloads section on this page. Download the firmware for your watch and flash it on your watch. Once you have all the requirements fulfilled, follow the instructions on this tutorial to flash the firmware on DZ09 using SP Flash Tool. Once the device is detected by the Maui Meta Software, you'll find all the information related to your watch in the software.

Before connecting make sure you have installed USB Drivers. If not watch the first portion of this video. Check out the first portion of this video to know how to install Drivers on PC. I have downloaded your Firmware and installed the original DZ09 but after this the touch screen is not working can you help please…. Hi, Any idea how to fix touch screen? Your help will be appreciate.

With all respect,You did not describe all errors! If You have an explenation,just write one.

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What is it exactly for a model and which firmware is valid? Above mentioned firmware is faulty, therefore I need an alternative or corrected. The chip in the watch is an 8-pin 25LQ64CV. You can answer here or via email in English or German: enina mails. Sir, Is it possible to convert a clone smartwatch into original by installing official firmware. I have a q18s smartwatch which has app drawer different from original one found on internet. It is MTK60a based. Would they work on my watch.

Thanks, Please reply. Mainly: I cannot get whatsapp, facebook or browser to load. It all depends on the firmware, you need to have a firmware with the Hungarian language installed.

Try contacting the seller to provide the backup or try finding it on the forums. Below are some links to start with. We cannot help other than this. Sorry about that.Physical Look — the watch is a rectangular type smartwatch, it looks and resembles the Samsung Gear S2 when it comes to look, no wonder why a lot of smartwatch fans who would love to have one is attracted with the DZ09, it has nice design and of course the price that is very afforadable.

The watch has proprietary silicon straps, meaning you are stuck with it, unless someone develops a third party strap for it which in its case is a far fetch idea.

It has a physical button on the front home button just below the display screen and a camera on the top, while a micro USB port on the side with a rubber cap to protect from dust and water. The back is removable, to enable you to remove the battery and change it, if you got an extra one and of course install the micro sim and memory card. It has a plastic body with aluminum case on the top, to give it a stylish and durable look, looking at the watch, it has a nice display screen a 1.

Under the Hood — despite its small size, DZ09 do have a micro sim as well as a memory card slot, you can call and receive calls as well as messages right on your smartwatch. It also has a 0. If you are a fitness buff the watch features pedometer and range of fitness features. Operating System : Possible Fork Android. Display : 1. Memory : MB. Battery : mAh 3. Our Rating. User Review 3. Display Screen Size 1.

Body Size Battery Battery Capacity mAh 3. Camera Camera Type Yes 0. Color Availability Colors Black, white and bronze. Compatibility Compatibility Android and iOS. Follow Us on the Following Pages.

Oppo Watch - Apple Watch Contender?DZ09 is the most affordable Smartwatch and is suitable for people with a low budget who want to try out a new tech called Smartwatch. Due to the fact it is cheaper, it comes with limited watch faces, precisely only three.

To change Clock Face on DZ09, you first have to take a backup of your current firmware so that we can edit the firmware to change the clock face.

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To take a backup of your DZ09 firmwarefollow the steps listed here. Extract both MTK resource Edit and watch faces packages and copy them inside the folder with firmware files. Click on ' Pictures' from the tabs at the top and browse through all the pictures until you find the watch face, which is currently installed on your watch or the one you want to replace it with your custom watch face. Now choose the watch face from the right ' WorkDir' section, which you want to install on your watch and hit the ' Import' button at the top.

The existing Clock face will be replaced with the one you have chosen from the WorkDir. Before saving, you might need to back up your old ROM file, just in case if anything goes wrong. We recommend you to make a copy of all the firmware files before making any changes. Now flash the modified firmware files to your DZ09 Smartwatch by following the instructions listed here, and you should see the new Watch Face on DZ Was this tutorial helpful?

If so, don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, etc. If you are designing your own clock face, make sure it is x in resolution and save it as a. Also, make sure that the size of the file should be less than 25 KB.

How to connect DZ09 to iPhone. How to Install Games on DZ But I can not change the clock face in the way you tell me.

dz09 mtk60d

The pictures on the left are not visible. It might work. Just take a backup of your DZ09 firmware and edit it using the tool provided above. No, it is not.

Make sure you have a backup of your ROM firmware just in case something goes wrong. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment.

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

dz09 mtk60d

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. Download Android 8. Required download links are mentioned in the tutorial. Read it properly. Will this work on a Y1 smart watch. Please answer. Start typing somethingRemember : Updating a firmware without experience might lead to bricking your phone. I hope by reading this article, we assume that you already know the danger of updating your firmware without experience.

Hopefully this article will be a help for you. What is DZ09 actually? The most ask question when updating your firmware is that, what kind of tools do you need? What do you need to do? Where can i download the latest firmware version? Well, worry not, in this article For you guys the DZ09 Users we will give you a brief guide about how to update your firmware and where to download your firmware version. Check it out.

dz09 mtk60d

There you go, that is all you need to update your DZ09 Firmware. Easy right? First of all,i recommend you to back all your contacts up to your android smartphone before you start updating your firmware, because we might not know what will happen right? But of course there are other firmware that could be downloaded, but most of it is not perfect, so flash at your own risk :.

dz09 mtk60d

GT08 Camera Trouble. There are still many more firmware that could be downloaded from the web, but we will continue updating some of it in this article, so keep viewing this article for more information.

DZ09 Smartwatch

First of all, you need your computer to recognize your DZ09 which could easily be done if you already have the driver installed in it. Install it then you are set to go. Note : To check if your devices is successfully recognize.

So Go to Memory Test tab and check RAM test only after that Connect your Devices with your computer and let it run, if you succeed then the green circle will pop up. It is not exactly hard to update your firmware, but dully noted that it is very risky to do that without experienced.The hacks focus on watch phones, but the principles are the same for all phones based on the same hardware platform.

If it is not obvious from the length of the page and the amount of technical terms in the descriptions, hacking these phones is not easy.

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This Hackaday articleas well as this bunniestudios blog postgive a hint at why hacking this platform is so frustrating: the Chinese do their best to keep it a gated community only accessible to Chinese companies.

Only within China, there is quite a bit of openness about the hardware even though officially it is all supposed to be confidential. In the West, all we can do is use the scarce leaked documents we can find possibly after translating themand for the rest it is a matter of tedious reverse engineering. Please do not waste your and my time by mailing me with vague and general questions about how to hack any generic Chinese phone, I won't even reply to such mails.

All the essential information I can tell you is already in this page, and more clarification can often be found by using a search engine.

Some examples of good reasons to mail me are asking clarification for something explained here, or asking how to find a particular file inside the ROM dump. Also, please do not ask me to perform one of these hacks for you. I will not do it. Not even if you're willing to pay for it. Any mail containing such a request will be ignored, so don't waste your time and hope on this.

I have grown so sick of hacking this god awful proprietary MTK platform, that I refuse to touch it anymore. In general I recommend to avoid these Nucleus OS-based phones and use an Android-based phone instead.

Not that doing any random Android hack is easy, but at least the platform is much more open, there is a much larger community and know-how pool around it, and for many things you can actually just write a regular app with widely available tools, and install it with just a few clicks. Now that we got that out of the way, we can get a bit more technical.

To do the simplest hacks, it suffices that you are entirely familiar with how to use computers. To do the most difficult hacks, you need to be familiar with electronics and low-level software concepts, in other words you must understand how computers work down to the low-level details. You have been warned. Caution: there is a new series of cheap smartwatches based on the MTxDA.

To compensate for this, the ROM seems to be compressed, which makes these watches pretty much unhackable. The ROM can be downloaded, but looks like random junk. Do not buy these things, because they will still be full of bugs and there will be no possibility whatsoever to fix them.

Yet another motivation to move to Android-based watch phones.

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Everything written here is based on the experiences I had with hacking two models thoroughly. The good news is that almost all older watch phones were based on MT, and many newer ones are based on MT, so the information on this page should help you out to hack many older and current watch phones.

You may also have noticed that these programs are quite expensive and protected with extensive encryption systems. The reason is that making those programs takes an enormous amount of time and those people do not want to see their work being copied for free.

The problem with those programs is that they get outdated very quickly and will no longer work on any recent phone because MediaTek keeps on changing the firmware format, so do not waste your time looking for these programs. Before you start, it is essential to know the general structure of the device you are going to hack.

A typical MT62xx-based phone roughly consists of the following hardware:.